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Module Builder is designed for vtiger CRM 5.4.0/6.0.0/6.1.0/6.2.0/6.3.0/6.4.0/6.5.0/7.0.0/7.0.1/7.1.0/7.2.0/7.3.0/7.4.0/8.0.0 With the help of this module, you can create your own custom module without writing a single line of code, you may use Module Builder to create the module instantly.

Features of vtiger Module Builder are as follows:

•    Easy User Interface.
•    Ability to add multiple blocks and fields easily.
•    Time saving as no need to write script for module creation.

Terms and Conditions:

  • No Warranty. The Software is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of condition, uninterrupted use, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.


  • We have received several comments from clients reporting that “downloded zip file is corrupt” or “was not created properly” from module builder.
    Kindly note this issue is due to a bug in vTiger’s 6.5.0, 7.0.0,7.0.1 and 7.1.0 code. This file: /vtiger/vtlib/thirdparty/dZip.inc.php in vTiger is buggy. Please change/replace this same file by the same file from vTiger 6.4 and it will work properly.
  • Please user php version 8 for module builder 8.0.0.



As already known, Vtiger is a very powerful and robust CRM software solution. It’s open-source edition comes loaded with all the generic modules required by various businesses. In fact it has so many features that companies/business using it might not require all the features.
Another reality is that many businesses require more features/modules in addition to what Vtiger CRM comes loaded with. Since version 5.x Vtiger has introduced the important concept of Module manager. Having said that, Vtiger allows easy installation of modules in the system. This was a major step in evolution of Vtiger. Though this was a major step, companies/businesses found it difficult to get new modules built as it required technical expertise. Often software developers/companies were hired to develop these new functionalities and modules which resulted in major expenses.
We identified that there was a need to develop a tool which allowed any business running a Vtiger CRM (5.4 +) to develop their own modules. This dream was realized when we developed “Module Builder” for Vtiger CRM.

We are pleased to give it back to the community. Hope you like our contribution and find it useful.

Module-Builder is designed for vTiger CRM 5.4.0/6.0.0/6.1.0/6.2.0/6.3.0/6.4.0/6.5.0/7.0.0/7.0.1/7.1.0/7.2.0/7.3.0/7.4.0/8.0.0 With the help of this module, You can create your own custom module without creating ‘VtLib’ script, you may use Module Builder to create the module instantly.

Features of Vtiger Module Builder are as follows:

  • Easy User Interface.
  • Ability to add multiple blocks and fields easily.
  • Time saving as no need to write script for module creation.

Additional information

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5.4.0, 6.0.0, 6.1.0, 6.2.0, 6.3.0, 6.4.0, 6.5.0, 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.1.0, 7.2.0, 7.3.0, 7.4.0, 8.0.0

31 reviews for vTiger Module-Builder

  1. Yogesh

    Very Nice Product..!

  2. ion.macari

    Nice product, work as expected.

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Ion, Thanks for your kind words.


  3. shenyis

    Can i Use this Module Builder to modify vtiger6.1 “existing module”?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hello Shenyis,

      No. This module is useful for creation of new modules only.


  4. shashi kumar

    Nice Module , i used is fantastic .User friendly , easy to work this module .
    Thankyou very much ,is easy to learn and use for expert developer and fresher also .

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hello Shashi,

      Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂


  5. JG

    Very easy and simple, fantastic module.

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Thank You for your kind comments. 🙂


  6. Albert (verified owner)

    Custom Reports with this module is not working. Any solve for this?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hello Albert,

      Apologies for the delay in responding. Please try an updated version of the Module Builder.


  7. Werner (verified owner)

    Very helpful tool!
    Will there be an update to vtiger 6.2?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Yes. We will soon release Module Builder for 6.2

  8. jason (verified owner)

    Vtiger 5.4
    I am not able to select Entity Identifier Field. it is empty?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hi Jason,

      Apologies for delay in responding. I will need to check your instance to comment on your issue.


  9. Sam

    What does not work on vtiger 6.2?

    I installed your addon on 6.2, it worked fine, except that when I try to add the custom module to the related list of another default module, I get the Select pop up, but nothing is added to the list after selecting the instance.

    Is this going to addressed in the update?
    Any info on the release date?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hello Sam,

      There can be many reasons for the problem you are facing. I might need to take a look at your CRM and then I can comment on this problem.
      This is not a known issue neither found while testing at our end or from other users.


  10. shenyi (verified owner)

    I have downloaded and installed module builder and it looks very promising.
    it only can be used for creating of standards modules , serve to store data like leads, products …?
    I want to use it Create “packing list” module,add a list of parts to the “packing list” module。
    Whether there is a plan to add “- item – detail” features?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hello Shenyi,

      The Module Builder can build standard vTiger modules only. The modules developed using this addon can be further updated/customized by utilizing services of a vTiger CRM developer/coder.
      We plan to roll out a professional version of Module Builder, but that’s still a long way.


  11. eillel (verified owner)

    I’d love this tool!

  12. Adriano (verified owner)

    This software is very helpfully to build a custom module. I hope you’ll can improve this software with some features:
    1) List of builded module and enable to edit all custom module. Sometimes when I saved, downloaded and installed my custom module I found something wrong (ex. a label or a missing field). This feature can help to remove errors without write again the module.
    2) Create related module to all module. I need to relate my custom module with User module
    3) Remove custom module.
    I’ll buy for sure something like this.

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hi Adriano,

      Thanks for your suggestions. We will surely work on your suggestions.

      Thank You.

  13. anuj (verified owner)

    we just downlodes module builder & install but we show error is


    please help us to solve this.


    we just downlodes module builder & install but we show error is

    we just downlodes module builder & install but we show error is


    please help us to solve this.


    directory cretion dened.
    please setup apporxmte permsition for test folder .

    you can also mail us for support support @ technokrafts.com

  14. shenyis (verified owner)

    Whether there is a plan to add
    “Uitype – image(gif,png,jpg)” features?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hi shenyis,

      Thanks for your suggestion. We will surely try to implement in our future releases.

      Thanks you.

  15. Frank (verified owner)

    for 5.4 don’t work, same than Jason, I can’t choose any Entity Identifier Field for finish a module.
    Please, take a look! Thanks. Great job!

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hi Frank,

      Please send us your module zip. we would like to investigate.


  16. mohnish (verified owner)

    i download it and install it but after creating the new module it not show in the all panel but it showing the message module create succesfully what i do

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hi Mohnish,

      Please send us the copy of your module zip.
      We will investigate and let you know.


  17. José (verified owner)

    Hi, i installed the module and does not export the module created. The zip file created is corrupted. Any ideas? My vtiger is 6.5

  18. George (verified owner)

    Hi i have installed module builder in vtiger 6.5. I am creating the new module and setup all the fields that i want but when i click save popus the new window to download the module and then nothing happens. What is the problem

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hi George,

      Please get in touch with us and we would check it out personally.


  19. herianto (verified owner)

    I try this products and make module in vtiger6.5, but after download the module, the file zip corrupt. i don’t know what the problem, anyone can help me?

  20. Hassan (verified owner)

    it fails to export created module in vtiger 6.5.0

  21. kako

    Excellent product, but a question remains, how to do sum in the fields? Example A: Field A, Field B, Field C, Total (A + B + C)

  22. kako

    The module is great, but I have a question:

    I created a test module and now I want to delete this module to create another definitive one.

    How to delete the module?

    I did not find any doc/tutorial on deleting modules that worked.

  23. kako

    OK, but when using the indicated method, it does not delete the Tabs in the Modules Manager and the indicated code:
    include_once 'vtlib/Vtiger/Operacao.php';
    $Vtiger_Utils_Log = true;
    $module = Vtiger_Module::getInstance('’);
    if ($module) $module->delete();

    Note: module name “Operation”
    It does not remove the module and I receive error as https://discussions.vtiger.com/index.php?p=/discussion/183818/uninstall-module#Item_8 of the forum.

  24. kako

    <? Php
    Include_once 'vtlib / Vtiger / Operation.php';
    $ Vtiger_Utils_Log = true;
    $ Module = Vtiger_Module :: getInstance ('’);
    If ($ module) $ module-> delete ();

  25. Artūras (verified owner)

    Hello, how can i create a image field?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Hello, Creation of Image field is not supported. Image field requires custom coding.

  26. christos tsinidis (verified owner)

    The module is great!

  27. oschramm (verified owner)

    Thanks for this great Module! Nice work. I have a question: I use this module on vt 6.2 and created a custom module with a related field which relates the Organizations and I related the Organizations module to my custom module. But somehow I cannot choose my custom module to be shown in the related list of the Organizations. Is there a solution for this?

  28. Estebian

    vTiger Module Builder works for version 7?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Yes, Module Builder for 7.0.1 has been released now!

  29. Noc (verified owner)

    Awesome module, thank you! Any plans to release an updated version for vTiger 7.0.1 soon?

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your appreciation. Yes, we have released the Module Builder for 7.0.1 already. Please check our website.

  30. Hisidest1987 (verified owner)

    Hi, I get Error 500
    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    In the log I see:
    [Sun Jul 01 16:52:17.824306 2018] [http:error] [pid 3930] [client ::1:48788] AH02429: Response header name ‘Location ‘ contains invalid characters, aborting request, referer: http://localhost/crm6/index.php?module=ModuleBuilder&view=MBindex&parent=Tools

    I fixed this error modifyng the file modules/ModuleBuilder/views/MBindex.php I commented the line 139 and works.
    The version is 6.5.0

    • technokrafts (verified owner)

      Thanks for sharing your experience and solution.

  31. andrea11-28 (verified owner)

    Install version 7, can someone tell me if I want to make some changes in the view or code, where can I do it? Thank you

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